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On this page I will include photos of guitars and mandolins that I am currently building in the workshop......your instrument might be here. Click for larger image.

Archtop Jazz Guitar

My latest project is an Archtop jazz guitar these are one of my favourite jobs in the workshop. It will be using Sitka spruce for the sound board and Birdseye Maple for the body. I have some nice curly maple for the neck.

arch1.jpg (61995 bytes)

arch2.jpg (60831 bytes)

arch3.jpg (42615 bytes)
The Sitka spruce sound board has been carved to size and the SS holes have been cut The sides are bent, kerfed and ready for gluing to the top and back The  Birdseye maple back has been glued and is ready to be carved to shape.
arch5.jpg (74550 bytes) arch4.jpg (73922 bytes) arch6.jpg (68218 bytes)
I have shaped and fitted the X brace to the inside contour of the top and it is glued & clamped. I like to glue two extra braces across the centre join for that extra but of security, as I like to say you can never have too many clamps. The sound board freed from the clamps showing the braces and SS holes.

A few years ago I built some custom electrics for  Ben McGregor a hot young guitarist who now lives and plays around Noosa. On a recent trip Ben returned one of the electrics for some work, this entailed adjusting the feel of the asymmetric profile on the neck and refinishing the Quiltey maple top to a stunning blue stain to bring out the quilt. Well the work is finished and you can see the results here.....nice quilt ...I also added a little burst around the headstock.

ben's.jpg (68142 bytes)

Blackwood 12 string

This 12 guitar has a Sitka spruce sound board and flamed Australian Blackwood back/sides and headstock with MOP LKS logo and Paua Gum leaf inlay. It has been sprayed and has been curing for a couple of weeks.
Flamed blackwood head stock with Paua gumleaf inlay and mop LKS logo.....Click for larger image. Sitka spruce top Blackwood body......Click for larger image. Flamed Blackwood........Click for larger image. Flamed Blackwood...........Click for larger image.

The 12 string has been cut and buffed( below) and is ready have the bridge made and glued on.

gumleaf.jpg (93129 bytes) 12 string body.JPG (91338 bytes) 12 stringfront.JPG (93309 bytes) 12 string side1.JPG (66934 bytes)
All that was left was to make the nut and saddle and bridge glue them on and string the guitar
Clamps in place Glueing on the bridge The ebony bridge with a compensated saddle 12 finished and ready to play

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