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About the Maker

    As Child I was always building something, model airplanes, boats, and anything that took my fancy. I just had this urge to use my hands and my mind.
    After school I trained as an Industrial chemist, then for a time worked in the fields of biochemistry and microbiology, going on to study for a degree in psychology. My last real job was running a geotechnical laboratory involved in destructive testing of rock and bore core samples, geo-physical modelling of underground coal mines using computer and servo controlled test rigs, and under ground stress measurement. I started learning to play guitar in 1968 and in 1977 began making musical instruments with a lute kit obtained from England. By 1989 I had decided it was time to turn professional and devote all my time to making fine quality Guitars & Mandolins. Since then I have been involved in making a range of stringed instruments, such as Lutes, Charangos, Vihuelas, Classical Guitars, Electric & Acoustic Guitars and Mandolins for a broad range of clients. 
    For four years, until 1998, I was president of AAMIM. The Australian Association of Musical Instrument Makers, as well as associate editor of our journal JAAMIM. 
My ambition is to produce the finest instruments possible utilizing the knowledge of construction and acoustics I have learned over the years.
    As a Player, I do set very high standards for all my instruments, it has given me the knowledge and understanding to judge them for both a musical tone and playability. Tuning the modes of the sound board and air cavities of my instruments to optimise their acoustic potential.
    My love of wood has lead me to search out and select some of the finest timbers available, from Australia and around the World for my instruments. 
I love what I do and I take pride in producing musical instruments which display both acoustic excellence and visual beauty.


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