Repairs and Restorations

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Lawrence Smith offers a complete restoration and repair service for Electric, Acoustic, Classical Guitars and Mandolins. All work is guaranteed and of the highest quality

With more than 30 years experience you can rely on me to care for your favourite guitar or mandolin and to return it to you in much better condition. I am not willing to risk my reputation by doing rough or shoddy work.   

For Restorations please contact me, I have extensive experience with body work, lacquer spraying ,sunbursts, French polishing, and pearl inlay work.

Note: All Intonation adjustments are done using a Peterson Virtual strobe tuner accurate to 1/100 of a semi -tone for perfect intonation

The list below is a cross-section the most asked for repairs and adjustments .
Please contact me with more specific information on your job.
Prices are in Australian dollars and do not include parts or strings
Prices are subject to change without notice.

Set ups

Price $AUD

 Fret Dress Dress & polish frets, adjust nut adjust truss rod $150
Standard set-up Acoustic Classical Mandolin $80
Standard set-up Electric /Bass non Tremolo $85
Standard set-up Electric with STD Tremolo $90
with Floyd rose $120
Re-Frets   (includes set-up)  
Re-fret un-bound, no lacquer, finger board as is $350
Re-fret Bound F/b $380
Re-fret Maple with F/b refinished $450
Acoustic Repairs
Piezo Acoustic P/u installation $150
With routing to deepen saddle slot  (extra) $80
Piezo Acoustic Preamp with pickup   $150-$200
Shave Braces on Acoustic Adjust voice of guitar from $250
Loose or Cracked Braces glued and repaired (per brace) $65
Cracked Top Crack glued only from ( per crack) $75
Bone Nut make & fit $55
Bone Nut 12 string make & fit $85
Compensated saddle ( bone) 6 String Acoustic and classical $65
Compensated saddle ( bone)12 String Acoustic $75
Remove & Reglue bridge $250
Make and fit new bridge $400
Electrics Repairs
Pick-up installation one pick-up $70
Pick-up installation Two  pick-ups $85
Pick-up installation three pick-ups $95
Output Jack socket in scratch plate $50
5 Way switch rewire new switch( Switch extra) $55
3 Way rewire new switch( Switch extra) $55
Re-wire Electrics $120
Cavity routing electrics first cavity $200
Extra per cavity $50
Tremolo installation Std retro fit includes set-up $280
Tremolo Pull up cavity routing extra $100
Install & set up new bridge Electric guitar or Bass $250
Fit New machines remove old and fit new $50
Heat treatment of neck includes minor finish touch up $300


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